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Why should I be a BYSA sponsor?

The Barnstable Youth Soccer Association is a 100% volunteer driven organization. That means that every Coach, every Field Marshal, every Board member and every Volunteer is giving their time for the benefit of our organization and of our kids. Unfortunately, the giving of time isn't always enough.

While participant fees cover the cost of equipment, uniforms and league operating expenses like the hiring of Referees, they do not cover the larger expenses. Expenses like the renting of gymnasium space necessary for winter Futsal training and the costs associated with leasing and maintaining the outdoor playing fields at Cape Cod Community College and the Ellen A. McBarron Recreation Facility. Every dollar raised by the BYSA Sponsorship Program is used to offset these ever-increasing costs. As such, the generous support of our sponsors is essential if BYSA is to continue our mission.

So if you're a business owner, and you'd like to get involved in a great program that benefits what's undoubtedly the Town of Barnstable's GREATEST asset, its young people, please consider being a sponsor today!