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Should I Cheer or Should I Coach?

By Admin, 07/11/19, 12:00PM EDT


Let's face it - everybody loves to cheer on players at a soccer game. The action is constant and the energy is infectious. But when does it become too much?


Soccer players in both the Instructional and Travel leagues need encouragement and reinforcement from the parent sidelines. They need to hear things like, "nice try" or "good ball" or "nice pass." What they don't need is to be coached from the parent sideline. After all, that's why they have a coach on their sideline!


When players are coached from the parent sidelines, it inevitably causes unnecessary confusion and anxiety for the player out on the field. That confusion and anxiety leads to bad passes, poor shots and frustration for the players. While on the field, players shouldn't have to try and figure out who they should listen to - their parents or their coach.


So the next time you're at a fields, relax, enjoy the game and please - leave the coaching to the coaches! 

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