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About Us


"Barnstable Youth Soccer, Inc. aspires to teach the highest quality soccer to any and all Barnstable youths that choose to participate, regardless of economic circumstances. We strive to field competitive teams that are proud ambassadors of the Town of Barnstable, balanced with maximum player participation."

(Adopted by the BYSA Board of Director in October 2001)

So - what does that all mean? Quite simply, it means that ...

  • The men and women of the Barnstable Youth Soccer Association will work tirelessly to turn out the best soccer programs possible for all kids in the Town of Barnstable.
  • If there's a child who wants to play soccer, we'll find a way to make it happen.
  • We'll work hard to give our players the skills and instruction necessary to make them competitive, while making sure everyone plays.
  • We'll teach our kids to be proud stewards of the game. We'll instill in them the idea that good sportsmanship is about playing to the best of their ability, of being humble in victory, gracious in defeat and of being proud ambassadors of the Town of Barnstable.